Auto-Target External Links

Opens off-site links in a new tab

Automatic Re-targeting

Opens external links in a new tab.

  • + No custom attributes needed.
  • + Ignores links that are already targeted.
  • + Works with static, or CMS links. Direct links, or links in text - including rich text.
  • + Compatible with WFU's CMS relative link fixups.


In this page are a number of links, some of which are targeted to external pages, and some to internal pages. The external links are automatically re-targeted to open in a new window.

Click various links to see their behavior.

How to implement

Click the View in Webflow's Designer button at the top of this page, to explore the page design.

To add this capability to your own site, see Sygnal Webflow Utils (WFU) documentation for automatic link targeting.

See the Pen Untitled by Michael Wells (@memetican) on CodePen.